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Not Enough Champagne is a podcast about people, politics and pragmatism. Cory Hazlehurst and Steve Haynes discuss political matters from a moderate perspective. We try and take a step back from partisan bickering to discuss how parties can compromise and bring about change for the better.
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Jun 27, 2016

In this EU referendum postmortem, Steve and Cory analyse why the UK voted for Brexit.

We discuss the failures of the Remain camp, and suggest Leave won because they had the better campaign. 

Also, we discuss the parallels between Trump supporters and Brexit supporters, and how the vote feeds in to the anti-establishment populism that is sweeping the world.

Immigration is also discussed. Steve controversially suggests that if you want people's votes, it might help not to call them stupid and racist.

Not Enough Champagne is a podcast about people, politics and pragmatism.

Jun 19, 2016

Not Enough Champagne is a podcast about people, politics and pragmatism.

In this final podcast focussing on European issues before the EU Referendum, Steve and Cory take a look at European Identity.

We play a "Is this country in Europe?" quiz to discuss exactly what we mean by Europe. We also discuss the difficulties of building a European identity, and how nation states can solve the popular disconnect that most in Europe feel for the EU project.

Finally, we make our predictions on the Referendum result, because we like making ourselves look foolish.

This podcast was recorded two weeks ago and so has no mention of the tragic events this week. 

Not Enough Champagne will return after the referendum to discuss the referendum result and what it means.

Jun 12, 2016

Not Enough Champagne is a new podcast talking about people, politics and pragmatism.

In the second episode of this series, Steve and Cory take another sideways look at the EU referendum. We take a long-term perspective and discuss how the European issue became such a vexed issue for the Conservative Party. 

Does the Eurosceptic attitude of many Tory MPs simply reflect the fact that the Tory party has become more Thatcherite since the Iron Lady's departure? Or does it reflect the changing role of the European Union and the fact it has no concrete purpose nowadays?

We also discuss the further prospects of integration and the politics of immigration.

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Jun 5, 2016

Welcome to Not Enough Champagne: A podcast about people, politics and pragmatism.

In our first three episodes we are taking a step back and looking at the wider issues behind the EU Referendum debate.

In this first episode we discuss the role of referendums in Britain today. Are they just a tactical device used by politicians? Should we have citizen-initiated referendums, as countries like Switzerland do? And what is the best way to engage people in the policy making process?

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