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Not Enough Champagne is a podcast about people, politics and pragmatism. Cory Hazlehurst and Steve Haynes discuss political matters from a moderate perspective. We try and take a step back from partisan bickering to discuss how parties can compromise and bring about change for the better.
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Nov 27, 2016

Settle down in your comfy chair and pour yourself a cup of cocoa as Cory, Steve and special guest Brigid Jones reminisce about their experiences on the campaign trail.

What barriers exist for ordinary people entering local and national politics? Is there a way to dismantle them and make politicians more representative of the electorate?

We also talk about the demonisation of MPs. This is not a new thing, but has the growth of the internet and social media made the issue worse?

In the week that Jo Cox's killer was found guilty of her murder, we also talk about whether hatred of politicians will continue to be channelled into violence. 

Nov 20, 2016

A week after Donald Trump's victory, we discuss how his transition is going and the cabinet appointments which we know about.

We also discuss the Realignment of the left and the possibilities of a progressive alliance.

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Nov 13, 2016

Cory, Steve and special guest Brigid Jones try to make the best of things and take a sideways, comic look at Donald Trump's election win. Who else is to blame for Trump's victory, apart from Cory for predicting a Clinton win? Did misogyny or James Comey play a bigger role in Clinton's defeat? And are we now going to all die in a nuclear war?

Nov 6, 2016

The idea that we're living in a post-truth era is nonsense. Politicians have always lied. Instead, we're in a golden era of bullshit. We discuss the spread of bullshit in 2016 - Brexit, Trump and the deficit - and how best to counter it. 


Jonathan Swift's essay on the art of political bullshit can be read here.

The two blogs on political bullshit by Jonathan Hopkin and Ben Rosamund can be read here and here.

A book we mention in this episode is Peter Oborne's The Rise of Political Lying.

We're back next week with a look back at the American Election. Hold on to your hats!